Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fundamentals of photography: apperture, shutter speed and iso

these are two videos that helped me best understand the concepts surrounding aperture, shutter speed and iso. i know there are few of you who are lazy in reading the manual (i am a very good example) so this might save your time and lessen your effort.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

rin on the rox got suspended by youtube.. how, when, why?

this is a usual useless saturday night. got nothing to do (hey, i have thing to do that i opted not to do) so i sit in my desk with my pc on my facade (while thinking if i should buy a mac.. what do you think guys?). started surfing the world wide web in which i ended up playing and singing to instrumental/karaoke musics in youtube. got interested on the covers i am singing, so i started searching different covers. i thought of going to boyce avenue page but i started typing rin on the rox. this is where the news starts.

the search result that youtube gave me was so not ordinary. i clicked a video of rin on the rox so i can go to their homepage to found out that the video was just grabbed. i searched again for the hiphoprox keyword (the gals' youtube username) but it gave me results like 'hiphoprox suspended', 'hiphoprox petition', et cetera. there are still no clues to the reason youtube banned these sensational-ellen-guest'd-girls. if you want to get updates or sign up to their petition, head down to rin and rox's myspace page.

Friday, February 20, 2009

shopaholic movie experience... fun and gay..

went to office at 10:30 in d' morning, and went out at exactly 3:00 in d' afternoon. i was pushed to the limit by my college friends who, apparently are also working in the same company, were on holiday. we had our lunch at 12:30 noon 'till 2:00. they decided to see the confessions of a shopaholic and i told them that we might meet again after my work, which hopefully will also be the end of their movie. but they insisted that i must go with them. i did and had an early out at 3:00.

the movie. it is funny and engaging. the girls behind our seat was so into the story; and those teeny boppers were noisy. at this time were america is in recession, this shopaholic story is the right movie that will give you the value of saving (not really saving... it is more on not spending too much). its a must see feel good movie.

man, that is not the end of the shopaholic movie. when credits were crawling up on the screen, and light slowly brighten the room, i was looking around to realize most of those watching are girls. i was laughing with another guy friend, and was tripping like we were gays. while people are piling up in the door, we saw a group of boys and that made us feel a bit better. but after some minutes, a boy from that groups opened his mouth and started talking like a crazy teeny bopper who wants to flirt with hugh dancy (the male lead). we realized then that those were group of gay friends and i stuttered to my guy friend "does this make us gay?".

Thursday, February 19, 2009

random stuffs at hotel aloha

the first public appearance of olyver digg was in hotel aloha, roxas blvd. for a family dinner. with 0 knowledge on what photography is, i was taking shots like a crazy kid playing with his new toy. the experience was just like a playing with a point and shoot digital camera in the form of a black, bulky and ugly body, 'coz i really dunno how to use the power it has. anyway, below are some of the shots i took that night.

what i forgot that night is to take some shots of the food. chinese foods served were great! i would love to come back next time.

first chapter...

i have no plans on getting in to the dslr bandwagon. but this thing is really a dream that i wanted to come to reality back when i was a kid. did not realize that i would spend some penny for this thing called photography until the time i open the box of my first ever camera.

now, i am in this world. and i have to find my path in the world of shutters, lenses, aperture, viewfinder..