Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Confirmed Swine Flu (AH1N1) Case in our Office

the communication sent out by the management


We have been informed this morning that a recent visitor to XXXXX has been confirmed to have contracted the Influenza-A (H1N1) virus upon arriving back at their home country. Even if the employee did not display any symptoms of H1N1 virus whilst visiting the Philippines, we felt it prudent to take these precautionary measures:

1. The said employee is now quarantined in his home country.

2. The people who have had contact with the employee during the person's stay last week were identified and have been contacted. They have been advised either to work from home or have been isolated.

3. To date, none of them are exhibiting any of the symptoms of the Influenza-A (H1N1) virus. However, they have been advised to monitor their health for any flu-like symptoms and asked to consult their doctors appropriately.

We will also put in place the following actions for our offices:

1. GRE will continue to clean and disinfect XXXX floors in the upcoming days.

2. Bottles of rubbing alcohol will be available for employees via the Admin Assistant. These can be used to regularly disinfect their hands and clean shared furniture like tables, phone handsets, door knobs, etc.

3. If you exhibit flu-like symptoms, please immediately consult with our company doctor/nurse temporarily located at the 15th floor for your convenience. You will be advised on what the next steps are.

4. If you’d like to consult with a doctor while you are in the office, please consult with our company doctor/nurse.


1. Regularly wash your hands

2. Boost your immune system, drink vitamins

3. Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

4. Clean your own workstation, telephone before and after using it.

We would like to request everyone to continually read messages being sent out by the Shift Management Team, XXXXX Management, GRE and Employee Health and Safety and comply with the documented procedures. Safety tips are also posted in all floors at the pantry area for reference.

Please note, all communications regarding this or any other emergency response should be handled or approved by the Philippine CMT. For any questions or clarifications, please address them to your Tower Managers.

Please do take the time to read the attachment regarding the A(H1N1) virus.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tips: shooting in low light situations - concert or indoor events

this is an interesting post from i will be collecting tips that caught my interest and post it here for easier access.

In my experience with the 520, when shooting at indoor night events:

Use matrix metering as this will do a decent job at handling wider range of lightings.

Without using the flash, use higher ISO like 400 - 800 or even 1600 if you really want to get that shot. You can clean the image afterwards. Activate IS when the shutter speed gets too low. Go manual kung kaya mo, If not go for Aperture priority if you want to control your DOF. Shutter priority if you want to control blur. The minimum speed should be equal to the focal length of your lens (this can go lower with IS). Or go for Program which will give you a "balance" setting and more time to compose your shots.

If you find that the whites or highlights in your shots are overexposed, adjust your EV to a lower setting like -3

When using the built-in flash, i still suggest that you use higher ISO pa din (400 - 800) if the place is dim. This way, the camera can still pick-up anbient light in the background. Grain is not that noticeable. If grain is a really big issue, PP the shots or just use lower ISO, but you have to get really near your subjects as the internal flash has a very limited range which results in dark backgrounds. Oh, turn off the flash strobe assist (illuminat), it's very distracting on your people subjects.Try to use aperture priority especially when there's a group shot.

Nagtaka lang ako sa sinabi mo na "kapag malapit, sobrang bright naman". Normally, the camera with it's TTL technology will adjust the light whether near or far. May problema kaya camera mo?

If you have very good eyes in the dark while looking thru a small viewfinder, then by all means go manual focusing. If not, use AF. The AF will take some time in locking on a target on dim situations. Make sure to focus on high-contrast areas of your subject so that the AF can lock on quickly.

Setting your lens on infinity might not help espcially if your aperture is limited and your subjects are near you. It's better to use "Pre-focusing".

Mike De Vera

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i fell in love wit Korea!!

yey! I am back to my blogging and I will start off with my freshest experience that is South Korea.

‘twas a blast! – that is how I describe my 1 week vacation in SoKor. Weather is nice and good enough for touring the country – that is very cold compare to the Philippines. Had skin troubles due to the very cold weather which became more than I could take on our last day. Am not good at memorizing names of the places we have been to; but I will try to research so I could put captions on each photographs on this post.

The photography experience – since it a foreign land, every second of my stay seems like a photography opportunities. Since I cannot afford to ruin this opportunity like what I did with my Bohol getaway, I set my camera to Aperture Priority + Auto Focus, then I am just adjusting flash, exposure, ISO and other technical stuffs that I am really not aware of and viola!!! – I was able to produce decent pictures.