Saturday, August 8, 2009

tinkering on my new toy.... kendra

i have not touched olyver for a very while now.. i might have been too busy with work, and with my new toy, kendra. she is not the playboy goddess we know with the bouncing boobie and a comedic wedding; but she is my new macbook pro that is 23 days with me now.

pardon for the low quality pictures; i bet olyver was jealous that very day and did not cooperate with this photo shoot.

wondergirls' nobody: new beginning of network war

korean pop group wondergirls made a big international hit with the single "nobody"; even the philippines has been caught in this craze. undeniably, the upbeat tempo will give you a long-lasting LSS. and once you saw the video, it did not fail that you will get hypnotized seeing yourself grooving the *point *clap-clap *point *clap. even the famous cebu inmates took a piece in the popularity of the hit song.
but that is not the big news here. one of the hottest topic on forums and even coffee tables from different coffee shops now is how ABS-CBN and GMA were able to present the song through its variety shows. its again the beginning of a new era in network war; not on the ratings but on production numbers. see those videos for yourself; then judge who wins this side of the network war.

check it also in youtube so you may confirm if your harsh critiques are same as the others.