Wednesday, March 11, 2009

batangas beach

had to escape the pressure of work, so we decided to get away from the city and to feel cozy on a beach front suites last weekend; we ended up going to laia, batangas. while the sun heat is at its best, we were walking on the sands looking for a nice cheap place to stay, that is blue coral resort. had 30 minutes negotiation on the package and voila!! we're in!!

generally, the beach itself is nice. white (not boracay-fine) sands makes the scenery beautiful and relaxing. the resorts in laia, batangas is one nice beach for family getaway.


  1. ang dami talgang mgagandang lugar sa batangas

    im proud to be batangueno

  2. ang dami talgang mgaganda lugar, mga mgagandang babae haha at msasarap na pagkain sa batangas
    pati dito sa sto.tomas
    kaya sa darating na halalan si Arman Sanchez ang iboboto ko, para maibalik at mapanatili ang iba pang mgagandang lugar dito sa batangas
    at sya ay tunay na batang! im proud to be batangueno