Thursday, April 30, 2009

manny pacquiao is a huge business in the philippines

america has britney spears that stands like a corporation. every britney move, breath, sweat is money, not only for britney but also for those who milk the bitch. it doesn't matter if she lied bout her virginity, had a short vegas wedding or wore a dress without undies, every story and every britney picture is money. the pride of the philippines is manny pacquiao, who stands as a business himself. the biggest philippine networks are fighting for exclusivity of airing his high rating bouts. His screechy, awkward and all negative vocals grabbed him a recording contract. His very own accent which only he can understand paved the way for a hosting gig. He also has numerous product endorsements and tv commercials. And now, his boxing matches are also good business for restaurants and movie houses. they are investing on airing the fight for a penny plus a can of beer plus projectors plus exclusivity which will have huge ROI after the 2-3 hours match. Damn, what pacman business could i think of?


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