Monday, September 13, 2010

[late post] mt. pinatubo x-perience

May 1, 2010 - i know, it's super late!!

Meet up the night before to spend the night at alvin’s place somewhere in marilao, bulacan since we are planning to be on time for the scheduled adventure to the peak of mt. Pinatubo somewhere in tarlac. Behold! We were there on the dot! And we were first there like we were the most excited!


We waited for around 2 more hours from the foot of the mountain for authorization to go to trek to the crated since the weather is kinda obscure. When memo was released, around 30 4x4 trucks and 100 people gathered on the ground, getting ready for the quick adventure since everyone was advised to start climbing down before 1:00 pm.

The only thing I can say is that the view up there is majestic! it is like a foreign land out there!

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  1. wow, pwede pala mag swimming the mt pinatubo, makapunta dyan :D |Playgroup Singapore