Sunday, August 29, 2010

tacsiyapo , tarlac


the plan: to south, what carried out: to north; the plan: to batangas, what carried out: to tarlac; the plan: to wakeboard, what carried out: to tacsiyapo; the plan to tacsiyapo, what carried out: no tacsiyapo.


to cheer up my friends who cancelled their flight to Hong Kong this weekend due to the recent HK tourist bus hostage crisis, we decided to go out of town. as stated above, the original plan to wakeboard did not push through. Instead, we drove hundred miles to tarlac to experience tacsiyapo (stress reliever by throwing ceramics to the wall of anger) just to find out that the tacsiyapo is close. devastating! but we had fun making fun and pleading to the staff of the restaurant.

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  1. may ganyan pala sa tarlac, akala ko sa ibang bansa , ayos dyan/! |Playgroup Singapore