Thursday, September 3, 2009

bohol beach and side trip (long overdue pics)

this overly planned (sarcasm included) bohol-cebu getaway was the first time my friends and i had to fly on an airplane and that is worth mentioning. i am having difficulty on what to write on this post since it has been months ago, but the experience was amazing (and that is still understatement to describe how the trip was).

i was disappointed with my shots. pictires could either be rated underexposed or overexposed. i think i was too overwhelmed with the excitement of touring bohol, and i got no time to evaluate the pictures i took. but i learned one great lesson from that - "you are just wasting money and reputation if you can't get your pictures right". i know i am just single gram to greatness but i was in manual mode that time and i really dunno what i was thinking. btw, pictures are posted below:

list if the places we've been to:

  1. bohol beach club
  2. tarsier zoo (that is not what they call it"
  3. hanging bridge
  4. man-made forest (feast to my eyes)
  5. butterfly farm
  6. loboc river cruise
  7. that old church that i do not know (cause i did not went outside the van when we get there)
  8. that huge snake (i let it pass and decided to sleep in the van)
  9. bohol bee farm (where i had my first experience of eating flowers)


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