Sunday, September 27, 2009

in pictures: typhoon ondoy (ketsana) hits manila

we never knew that our night swimming, dvd marathon and hanging out in my new place in township central, taguig city would last for 2 days and 2 nights that is after we got stranded inside the area with nothing but shelter. the ways out our condominium where impassable due to flooding caused by the non-stop raining of typhoon ondoy (ketsana), uselessly spending our weekend waiting for water to subside.

it all started when we asked for jollibee delivery that we waited for 3 hours due to traffic; until then we decided to get out of the place and look for something for our breakfast-turned-lunch. outside the gate we saw water at a height of around half of a foot, continued driving until we saw security officers talking to passing vehicles - impossible to go out of the area now. we went to another condominium and begged to be admitted just to buy something to eat. we went back to the our place, ate and waited for hours for flood to go away; yet, rain is still pouring. we knew we would stay there for another night with no food and battery-drained phones. we ranted, we whined and we cursed; because that time we have never knew the situation outside would be like this:

photos from BBC News UK:

photos from Savann Oeurm's facebook album:

when power was restored at 4 pm today, only then i realized how typhoon ondoy impacted our country. i am still shocked, and thankful that getting stranded for 2 days is the worst that happened to me and my friends.

i am calling for everyone to help those who are still stuck on their roof, to give what we can do to those who need relief and to pray for the safety of those who have been affected by the calamity. let us all be one in helping each other in lifting ourselves from this calamity.

to help:

  • Please text RED amount to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (SMART). Amounts: P10, P25, P50 and P100. Please donate to Red Cross..
  • SAGIP KAPAMILYA Hotline : 413-2667 / 416-0387
  • from outside philippines: RT: typhoon victims in Philippines in dire need of food/clothng. Call theAmerican Red Cross to help. 18004357669
  • from outside philippines: ABS-CBN Foundation USA toll-free 1-800-527-2820


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