Thursday, September 24, 2009

caramoan islands and beaches

it was a huge surprise for me that i would be going to a known remote area somewhere in bicol region in 7 days. with no money and no permission, i was shocked and hesitant that very moment when the facts were laid down to me. basically, it has never been a surprised since i know my friends booked a flight to some dreamland and that we are going out of town to celebrate a friend's birthday. it's just i, expecting that the trip would be in november, did not really know when the trip will happen.

but hey, i survived. i survived a trip with limited budget. i survived the virgin beach of caramoan. i survived swimming with a snake. i survived 5 hours of wakeboarding at cam sur. and we were there on the setting of survivor.

Survivor setting up for one of their immunity challenge. Island will be closed in the afternoon for the shooting.

caramoan islands rose to fame when survivor france shoot their 8th season on the islands. with it's natural and virgin beauty, more survivor franchises used caramoan as their setting.

Residents of Port Sabang, Camarines Sur rush to arriving boat to carry luggages and the people themselves for 20 pesos

Private island where President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stayed when she visited Caramoan Islands


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